During the last several years Android has questionless become the most popular mobile platform in the world. That is exactly why we offer a wide range of Android based app development services.
LD Solutions gathers a skilled team of designers, coders and programmers that creates beautiful and highly functional Android apps. If you are a proactive software development professional in need of additional resources or a dreamer with a great mobile app idea, we can help you to bring off your project from concept to reality.


LD Solutions is here to turn your vision into a winning app designed to make users happy
We offer a full scale of iOS Development services by building and launching complete iPhone and iPad apps from scratch. Our team of experienced iOS developers will provide you with the best solutions in iOS application design and development. We will help you create the concept, design, develop, deploy and promote your iOS apps. Our experts always stay updated about the newest trends and tendencies in worldwide iOS industry.


01 Your Idea

A great ideas need the right people to make it a reality. Our team will work with you to understand your vision and business objectives. More accurately, We work together to define each part of the mobile app development process. That means defining feature sets, deciding on platforms, and ensuring the app can ship within the required timeframe..

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

02 Strategy & Discover

Every decision we make is based on research. Before creating any mobile solution, we evaluate the business objectives of each project, the desires of stakeholders, and balance all of it with the needs of users. We examine the competitive environment as well as the technological landscape to develop a comprehensive list of needs, features, and requirements.
Your app will be unique, competitive, and reflect your brand.

03 UX / UI Design

We love people. By focusing on the audience’s needs, we create unforgettable user experiences that make your app stand out. We design user journeys and wireframes to create an unique view of the user experience design.
Good design should delight the user. We enjoy the harmony achieved when a well thought out UX meets a beautifully designed user interface design.

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

04 Development

No matter the platform, we’ve got you covered. We create highly polished native apps for iOS, Android, and, Windows mobile platforms. In other words, we step in to bring our/your vision to life. Setting up the databases, core logic, and dynamic screen behaviors ensures a fast, seamless, and immersive experience for your users.

05 QA & Testing

Your app should work the way it was designed. When users launch your app we want them to have an experience that’s delightful, reliable, and makes your brand shine. That’s why we methodically test every app in-house. We squash bugs to achieve the highest quality with every project.

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

06 Launch

Submitting your iPhone app to the iTunes app store or Android app to Google Play is an art form in itself. We work closely with your team to ensure that marketing material, graphics, and app assets are ready for public launch.
App submissions to the iTunes App Store can take up to 10 business days before being approved for public distribution. Android apps submitted to the Google Play app store are usually available to the public within a few hours of being submitted.

07 Maintenance and Growth

The day you release your app is the first day of it’s life. We’re here to help your app grow and stay healthy. Our team has extensive experience supporting projects post-release, providing maintenance and improvements as your needs evolve.

Mobile Apps